As Above llc, the newest Metaphysical Boutique in Salem Oregon. We seek to find magick in everyday, ordinary objects and provide items for practitioners of every path. We are excited about showcasing local artisans, hosting classes, providing literature, collaborating with other practitioners and volunteering in our community.
At, As Above we are passionate about being an ally and empowering women, men, all LGBTIOA, non-binary, all ethnicities, nationalities, people with disabilities, all ages, maidens, mother's, crones, sages, and all spiritual paths. We are an all-inclusive, all human group. 
Currently we are hosting Facebook Live Shows Mondays at 6pm PST with a focus on Spiritual Tools and Witch Wine Wednesday where we showcase local talent at 8pm PST
Facebook @as.above.salemInstagram @as_above_salem 

Tic Toc @as.above.salem